Meet Evercam’s New VP of Sales: Anton Marinovich, Bringing Expertise in Reality Capture and Site Monitoring

We are thrilled to announce that Anton Marinovich is joining Evercam as our new Vice President of Sales for the USA region! With a wealth of experience in the construction industry, Anton is an accomplished sales leader and we are confident that he will be an instrumental part of our team, helping to drive growth and expand our customer base.

Anton’s reputation precedes him, having achieved tremendous success in developing and executing sales strategies in his previous role as VP of Sales at HoloBuilder. He was responsible for leading a team of sales professionals and driving revenue growth for the company. His exceptional leadership played a crucial role in expanding HoloBuilder’s customer base and market reach, ultimately leading to their acquisition by FARO Technologies (NASDAQ: FARO).

Before joining HoloBuilder, Anton held senior sales positions at several leading SaaS start-ups, where he honed his expertise in customer relationship management, sales forecasting, and team leadership. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University and a Master’s degree from University College Dublin.

It’s a pleasure to welcome Anton to Evercam. We have followed his career closely and appreciate the wealth of knowledge and experience in the construction reality capture space he will be bringing into Evercam. Anton is perfectly positioned to lead Evercam’s continued growth into the US and we are so excited for him to join the Evercam team!

Evercam’s Chief Revenue Officer, Randall O’Sullivan

At Evercam, Anton will lead our sales efforts in the USA region. He brings with him a keen understanding of the importance of passive data capture (live feed data) in an industry where the advances in construction technology and the growth of reality capture have created opportunities for disruption. Anton is passionate about leveraging technology to drive innovation in the construction industry and understands the power of the visual twin.

When asked why he chose to join Evercam, Anton shared, “With the dramatic advances in construction technology and the growth of reality capture, there is an area that I could see needed greater attention which is around passive data capture (live feed data). After leading sales at HoloBuilder (acq by FARO Technologies in 2021)

I have had the vantage point to see the changes in the markets and the areas which are still ripe for disruption and live site monitoring is one of them. Also, understanding the significance and power of the visual twin, I knew this was the right time to step in and help them unlock their full potential in the reality capture space. I am excited to be part of the Evercam team and look forward to working with everyone to drive growth and expand our customer base.”

We are confident that Anton’s experience and leadership will bring a fresh perspective to our team and help us unlock our full potential in the reality capture space. We are thrilled to welcome Anton Marinovich to the Evercam team and can’t wait to see what the future holds!